March 29, 2014: Tinnitus Treatments in Mayfield Heights OH Expanded at Cleveland ENT, Physician Hearing Centers

Excerpt: “Cleveland ENT, Physician Hearing Centers prides itself on being able to offer the most up-to-date tinnitus treatments in Mayfield Heights OH. Aside from maintaining a summary of currently available tinnitus therapies on their website, the Cleveland ENT, Physician Hearing Centers team members often write about new developments on the company blog.”

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May 28, 2014: Complete Hearing Test In Mayfield Heights Recommeded As National Hearing Test Follow-Up

Excerpt: “Released in May 2014, the National Hearing Test is currently free as part of Better Speech and Hearing Month, but will typically cost $8 per test. Because it is phone-based, the test is designed as a speech in noise test. It is best regarded as a screening for functional hearing – the ability to hear in daily situations.”

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