What Does an Audiologist Do?

Audiologists are highly-trained professionals who can provide hearing and hearing aid help. These hearing specialists give you a hearing test. They also treat your hearing and work to prevent further loss.

Jim’s story provides the perfect example of how audiologists can help children and other individuals with hearing loss. Jim had always been an active, inquisitive child.

His daycare and preschool teachers reported that he was a quick learner compared to the other children, but he suffered through frequent ear infections, or otitis media, throughout his early years. They didn’t worry too much about it, since most children get ear infections.

Surprisingly, Jim had trouble in kindergarten. He did not remember the teacher’s lessons very well, and, unlike in preschool, he no longer was very talkative.

After expressing their concerns to the teacher and getting her advice, Jim’s parents made an appointment with the local audiologist for a hearing test. Sure enough, the audiologist found that he had hearing loss and may need a hearing aid.

Audiologists can work with children like Jim to improve their hearing. They may require hearing devices, and being hearing aid specialists, they can also supply hearing accessories. Audiologists work with teachers, parents and healthcare teams.

Audiologists can work in private practices, in health care facilities, such as hospitals or large clinics, and in educational settings, such as grade schools. These hearing specialists may be employed by school districts and be responsible for taking care of the children at various schools. They make sure children are hearing as well as possible.

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