Tinnitus and Your Child: How to Handle It

Tinnitus is a common condition for children of all ages. Although it is just as common in adults, children will normally not complain of the symptoms associated with tinnitus. Current studies show that children assume the noises they hear in their ears to be normal because they have probably been hearing them for quite some time already. Another explanation is that the child will not be able to differentiate between the medical importance of the condition and how much of a psychological impact the condition can have on them.

Having tinnitus on a continual basis can be rather distracting, not to mention annoying. In certain instances, when the case is severe enough it will cause a lot of psychological distress and create difficulty with your child’s ability to be able to go about their life normally.

One of the good things is that children who have tinnitus will eventually outgrow the symptoms associated with it. It is rare to see a child carry the condition with them throughout their adult life.

If you believe your child may be dealing with tinnitus, the first thing you need to do is arrange for an appointment with your child’s pediatrician. When you see the doctor they will check for any problems in the middle ear, such as inflammation accompanied by a discharge. They will make the determination if your child needs to be seen by an otolaryngologist.

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