Splish Splash With Hearing Aids?

Tired of all the restrictions with your standard hearing aids? Love to swim, garden and work up a sweat chasing the grandkids? Good news! There’s a whole new line of water, dust and dirt resistant hearing aids that make life more enjoyable.

This new line of hearing devices guarantees clarity of sound even after they have been dropped in the pool by accident! No more worrying about accidents with your hearing devices/ aids that would require a trip to your hearing aid provider to fix or replace.

No more concerns about forgetting to remove them before bathing or jumping in the pool for your morning aquatics class. Now you can wear them full time and feel confident and secure in the knowledge that water and other hazards aren’t going to damage your hearing aids.

These “life- proof” hearing devices come in a few different varieties. There is one to match your budget and just what you want to get out of them.

Your audiologist can show you the pamphlets on the different companies and styles presently being offered. All are currently over the ear styles, as the technology for in the ear models hasn’t caught up yet.

If you have any other concerns regarding this type of hearing device, such as the proper care and whether or not you need a hearing aid dehumidifier to dry them out after a swim, your hearing aid provider can also answer these questions for you.

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