Help! I Lost a Hearing Aid

I just bought my new hearing aid(s) and I think I just lost one!!

You just bought a brand-new pair of hearing aids, and now you misplaced one of them! You inherently panic. You retrace your steps, but to no avail. How do you find something that is so darn small! And imagine, they are only going to get smaller.

The desire of consumers for discreet products, coupled with technological advances, is allowing manufacturers to fabricate increasingly smaller hearing aids, without compromising benefit. Small hearing aids may be esthetically appealing, but when that little device falls between the couch cushions or accidentally goes down the sink drain, small can be a downfall. However, the good news is that there is no reason to instantly fret.

Most new hearing aids will be packaged with a loss and damage warranty. This generally means if you lose one or both hearing aids, or they just happen to be damaged beyond repair, then you will be able to get one or two brand new aids after paying a replacement deductible (a nominal cost when compared to the actual cost of the devices). If you misplace one or both of your hearing aids, do not be afraid to contact your audiologist.

If your purchase included loss and damage coverage, then after paying a small deductible, you may be eligible for one or two new hearing aids. However, make sure you do not lose the replacement aids, as loss and damage coverage can usually be redeemed only one time.

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