Help I Just Bought New Hearings

A common problem that may occur for those with new hearing aids, coupled with vision problems, is figuring out which hearing aid goes in which ear. Having one hearing device is easy enough, but adding another one can add a degree of difficulty. Inserting the correct device into the correct ear may seem simple enough, but if the user has vision and possible dexterity issues, then it may be more complex then it would seem.

In most cases, and on most hearing aids, there are color indicators that will help you distinguish left aid from right aid. The standard for the industry is RED = RIGHT and BLUE = LEFT. Most hearing aids come from the manufacturer with this indicator already on the unit, for both behind-the-ear and custom hearing aids; however, these indicators are usually quite small.

If the factory color indicators are too small for a visual confirmation, then have your audiologist create larger indicators to help facilitate easier insertion. Having greater confidence inserting the devices will most certainly facilitate better acclimation, which will always end in increased benefit and better quality of life.

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