Has My Ear Been Poisoned?

Ear poisoning resulting from being exposed to drugs and various chemicals causing damage to the inner parts of the ear and limiting the amount of information the inner ear is able to hear is known as ototoxicity.

Since the inner ear is involved in more than just hearing and balance, there are a lot of disturbances that can result from either one of these senses. Parts of your brain responsible for hearing and balance are easily affected through poisoning, but that is not technically termed ototoxicity.

Depending on the type of drug involved, the severity of ear poisoning may vary along with how often it occurs. Heredity plays a key role as well. It may be something that is temporary or ototoxicity can end up being more permanent.

Often the effect from the drugs is only temporary, but there are others that will cause a permanent problem. It is imperative that you understand there are a lot of people who will have a temporary bout of this condition that will not cause any long-lasting disturbances in their lives.

When dealing with cochleotoxicity, hearing loss will begin to worsen and develop into tinnitus. This will often end up causing damage to the cochlea and the cochlea branch in the nerve.

Ototoxicity affecting the organs for balance is often referred to as vestibular ototoxicity. It is essential to notate that there is no drugs on the market known to cause Meniere’s disease or any other type of vestibular disorder.

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