Bluetooth Technology Adds Extra Features on Certain Digital Hearing Aids

Many new types of hearing aids include Bluetooth technology; perhaps your aid already is. Although Bluetooth was originally developed for use with mobile phones, its applications have expanded to include computers, televisions and home phones. Digital hearing aids equipped with Bluetooth provide new ways to use and control these products, which makes them more convenient and flexible, and giving you a superior sound experience.

Nearly all hearing aids use a small, easy to use external device to operate their Bluetooth features. Typically these devices–often called controllers–are designed to be placed in a pocket or worn around the owner’s neck. The controller’s job is to receive signals from other Bluetooth-enabled devices and transmit them wirelessly to your hearing aids. That means no more having to raise the volume on your TV, telephone or other Bluetooth-compatible devices, because you can have the sound sent directly to your hearing aids. One of the nicest features of having hearing aids that can receive Bluetooth signals is that you can listen to telephone conversations in both ears, making it even easier to understand your caller.

Bluetooth controllers are designed to be easy to use. If you wish to connect your hearing aids to a specific Bluetooth device (a television, for instance), it’s generally as simple as pushing a button. Talking on a telephone or listening to an audio player that uses Bluetooth is equally as simple – just press a button to connect and press it again to stop. Several manufacturers include other features in these controllers, allowing you to access many other benefits through this one device.

Bluetooth enabled hearing aids can be particularly useful for seniors with mobility issues. Some of the latest designs allow the wearer to place telephone calls up to 30 feet away from the phone, allowing for easy communication without having to go to the phone. In an emergency, this feature can be lifesaving.

You can enjoy a clear listening experience with your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid that you may be unable to have any other way. This feature is straightforward and has a huge impact on your ability to hear, allowing you to hear things you never thought would be possible.

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