Avoid the Temptation of Ear Care Convenience in Big Box Stores

The hearing health departments of your local Costco or Walmart may sound like music to your ears because they take a convenient approach to your health but you could be giving up a lot more in return than you think. With more big box stores offering patient services like ear care, more consumers are paying for and accepting less-than-optimal care. And when it comes to your ears, you should never leave your health up to a big box store employee who does not have the experience and training of an audiologist. Receive peace of mind from getting treatment by a qualified audiologist who will take the time to evaluate your condition. From higher quality products to a higher level of professionalism, let’s examine why you should make an appointment with an audiologist instead.

Cost Efficiency

You’re shelling out more for ear care when visiting big box stores even though it may seem like you’re getting a good deal. Why? Those stores package those deals attractively to make it look like you’re saving precious time and money. However, what usually happens is that you walk out of the store with a sub-par product or lots of extra accessories that add to the total price on top of the device you came in for. An audiologist aims to evaluate your complete hearing health and isn’t a sales person who want to sell you useless devices. While the price of an audiologist may seem costly, insurance covers much of those doctor visits and hearing aids.

Higher Quality Products

A pretty significant reason you should choose an audiologist over an employee at a big box store is that they offer a wide range of products that are higher in quality. You don’t want to be like those many consumers who have picked up a hearing aid from such a store, only to return home with a defective product that emits interference. While there are always exceptions to this rule, you must be vigilant in your quest for high-quality products and care when it comes to your ears. An educated audiologist takes the time to ensure you’re fitted with the best hearing device possible, but also gives you a thorough exam to understand where the problem is coming from.

Unparalleled Professionalism

The level of professional care between audiologists and big box workers is well-known, but consumers still can’t see past the cheaper services. This means they may be missing out on the expertise of their audiologist who can thoroughly determine hearing problem causes and prescribe a customized treatment. Your doctor, thanks to her far-reaching knowledge of your ears, can provide unmatched analysis that employees in big box stores can’t.

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