What to Do with an Old Hearing Aid

There are many reasons why you could be curious about what to do with an old hearing aid. Possibly the old aid belonged to you and you have upgraded to a newer model. Or perhaps it belonged to a family member or friend that no longer needs it.

If the hearing aid was yours, the first option to consider it to keep it as a back up or a spare. If you lose or damage your new hearing aid and are without it for a period of time, you can revert back to your old one temporarily.

If the hearing aid was originally expensive and is in good working order, you can consider selling it on a forum such as eBay or Craig’s List. Before you do this, make sure it is legal in your area to resell hearing aids; there are many states in which it is not. When creating your ad, list all of the information you would want to know if you were buying a used hearing aid: the model and manufacturer of the unit, its condition and age, whether it is still under warranty, and why you are selling it. Also, don’t expect to get nearly as much money as you paid for it; look for ads for similar hearing aids, and keep yours within the same range.

But if you can afford it, one of the best options for disposing of an old hearing aid is to give it to someone who needs one. There are organizations that specialize in collecting used hearing aids and redistributing them to people who need one, but cannot afford them. U.S. organizations that collect hearing aids and give them to people who need them include Lions Clubs International, Hear Now, and Sertoma. There are also organizations such as Worldwide Hearing that redistribute used hearing aids in low-income countries where the local populations can’t afford them.

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