Closed-Captioning Glasses allow people with hearing loss to enjoy the the movies!

Do you suffer from hearing loss of some kind? You’re probably well aware of the frustration you feel when everyone else is off at the movies watching the latest action flick when you are stuck waiting till a captioned version is released. Well, that frustration could be a thing of the past with state of the art Access Glasses. These are close captioned glasses that you can don at the theater to see bright and clear subtitles at the latest flicks. This totally new way to view movies in the theater is revolutionary and here we take a look at why.

Origination of the Concept

The concept for Access Glasses came about from the mind of Randy Smith, chief administrative officer of Regal Cinemas. This was his brainchild that sought to give deaf people an alternative to waiting for closed captioned movies to come out. Thanks to a partnership with Sony and Regal Cinemas and many years of testing the concept, the end result comes in the form of Sony Entertainment Access Glasses. While still in the implementation phase, results are now being recorded and feedback being taken to ensure a high level of success.

Where to Find Them

You won’t have too much trouble finding Access Glasses, as they’re planning to be used in more than 6,000 screens by the end of summer all over the country. Don’t hesitate to ask for them at your local Regal Cinemas theater if you’re unsure. This groundbreaking technology is a welcome relief for those with hearing loss. More screens will likely be added to the endeavor if the technology is well received by the public.

Easy to Use Models

The easy to use modality of the glasses allows you to set specific preferences in the form of various configurations such as brightness. You can make adjustments based on your own optimal viewing conditions due to the holographic technology as the backbone of these glasses. Where you sit in the theater also contributes to your overall satisfaction and success of the glasses. Many have said the best spot is right in the center of the theater.

You’ll see subtitles that magically float in front of your face right away when you start using the glasses. This is because sensors are hard at work detecting signals via a data transmitter and detectors. Captions are therefore displayed in real time so you don’t miss anything, with crisp and clear subtitles.

Comfort is Top-Notch

Top-notch comfort is priority number one with Access Glasses, easy to fit right over your existing lenses if you wear glasses. They can accommodate any body size or age,  bringing you instant access to this easy to read captioning system that won’t leave you exhausted by the end of the film.

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