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Dr. Bert Brown

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We Go a Step Beyond to Fit Your Hearing Aid to Your Life

Physician Hearing Centers was founded over 25 years ago to better serve the hearing healthcare needs of the people in our community. Based in Macedonia and Mayfield Heights, we are the only “Physician Driven, Audiologist Directed” hearing aid center in the United States. This dual care approach provides one-stop shopping for patients who are looking to have multiple issues addressed in one visit, such as a hearing test (audiologist) and wax removal and/or ear fluid (physician).

In addition, our ENT Physician-Doctor of Audiology team ensures that any hearing loss will be treated medically. Our focus is not only on fitting hearing aids, but on making sure to address any underlying medical issues that may be contributing to a hearing loss. Together with the patient, our team will discuss and recommend the best solution, whether through amplification or aural rehabilitation.

Because each patient has his own unique hearing experiences and challenges, we developed the SER (Sound Experience Room) fitting system – the first of its kind in the country – to simulate various listening environments and speech so that we can customize your hearing aid settings to your specific needs. This allows our patients to immediately adapt to their new hearing aids before leaving the office, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

To learn more about our practice philosophy, please take a moment to watch some of our videos, including an introduction to our SER system. We invite you to schedule an appointment to discuss your hearing healthcare concerns and to learn how the professionals at Physician Hearing Centers can help you. You will not find another hearing aid center that provides the team approach and comprehensive care that we do.