Enjoy the Sounds of Mayfield Heights & Macedonia Again

Ears: Do conversations get lost in crowded rooms, or do your friends and family have to keep repeating themselves when you didn’t hear what they asked you the first time—or times?

Nose: Do you have to keep one eye on the pollen forecast after the winter snows melt to predict whether or not you’ll be able to breathe the next day? Are sinus pressure, nasal drainage and congestion driving you to distraction and exhaustion?

Throat: Is your voice not being heard when you want to say something because you have a persistent sore throat or lose your voice? Is your thyroid turning your life on its head and draining your energy?


Get Solutions to Your Ear, Nose and Throat Problems Today!

Our Otolaryngologist Dr. Bert Brown and his experienced team of ENT professionals have been working together to help people in Mayfield Heights and Macedonia hear, breathe and express themselves more comfortably and effectively for more than three decades. And it’s our unique combination of experience and cutting-edge technology, combined with a true concern for each one of our patients and their health that brings folks back whenever they struggle with problems like hearing loss, allergies, voice and throat problems and even thyroid disorders.

You’ll enjoy getting to know Dr. Brown, and he’ll enjoy getting to know you! He’s a fitness enthusiast, an avid reader and loves conversing with patients young, old and in-between. Entire families come to him for their ENT concerns! He and his experienced team have been working together for a long time and will go the extra mile to help you get the answers and solutions you need to any hearing, nose and throat problem you have.

Contact us at Physician Hearing Centers, Cleveland Ear Nose Throat in Mayfield Heights (440-550-4179) and Macedonia (330-400-3916) and schedule an appointment to talk with Dr. Brown.

Don’t Take Our Word for It….
See What Our Clients Have to say.

I believe that Physician Hearing Centers, Cleveland Ear Nose Throat is the best organization and that Dr. Stephanie Rosenblum is the best specialist.

Eloise T.

Physician Hearing Centers, Cleveland Ear Nose Throat helped me to understand that aids for hearing has nothing to due with age or vanity.It has made the world come closer to me.

Margaret K.

I was very pleased with the appointment for a first time office transfer. I will continue in this office. Dr. Rosenblum was helpful in discussing my hearing needs.

Bob V.

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 If these problems sound all too familiar to you
—or you struggle with hearing altogether, it’s time to get help.

  • ser_room-photoHear: You don’t have to live in a world that’s too quiet, too muffled, too distant and too lonely. You should be able to tune in and connect with the world and especially the ones you love!
  • Breathe: You shouldn’t have to lock yourself indoors when the pollen count spikes, nor should you have to squint through painful sinus headaches and pressure. You should be able to go outside and smell the roses without difficulty!
  • Speak: If you want to speak up and join the conversation when you have something you want to say, you should be able to do it—without pain and difficulty.
  • Live: And you should have the energy and wherewithal (thanks to a healthy thyroid) to do it too.

In short, you should be able to enjoy hearing, smelling, breathing, talking and singing—whatever you can do with your ears, nose and throat. But if you do struggle with these essential life activities and enjoyments, then it’s time to take action today.

And with two convenient locations in Mayfield Heights and Macedonia, you won’t have to travel far to enjoy a visit with Dr. Brown and the Audiologists. Let us help you breathe deeply, talk openly and enjoy hearing what you’ve been missing today!

– Dr. Brown and the Audiology Team